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What is a Creative Commons Encyclopedia?

A creative commons encyclopedia is an extensive collection of articles using licensed work from the creative commons. All of its content is free to the public and can be downloaded and used without worry about copyright infringement, and its contents can be adapted by users without the need for a new license. Essentially, it provides free information to the public.

  • In some cases, the accuracy of the contents of such an encyclopedia has been questionable, especially in cases where any person on the internet can edit the content without oversight or checks for accuracy.
  • With proper oversight, however, the resource can become a knowledge extravaganza where people can turn when they need the real facts.

Reliable, Accurate Content Written by Experts

There is a reason that teachers and professors don’t allow their students to use Wikipedia as a source for their research papers. It’s because any person in the world can edit and alter the contents of a Wikipedia article.

There is no guarantee that any piece of information is accurate, because any person could have put it there, without check or control.

In contrast, this new creative commons encyclopedia has:

  • Content written by experts.
  • Based only on credible sources.
  • Every new piece of content is approved by administrators before being published to the public domain.
  • Published content is reviewed constantly by the editing team, and the content is continually updated - with the checks that ensure its accuracy.

Free Content for an Evolving Community

Based on the MediaWiki content management system, this new encyclopedia provides a focal point for an evolving community of readers and writers, with content that is interesting, family friendly, and guaranteed to be accurate.

Content licensing permits the re-distribution, creation of derivative works while authors retain copyright of their work. Commercial use of the content is not allowed, but this creative commons encyclopedia provides resources available to everyone in the community of readers.

Knowledge areas covered in the encyclopedia cover every topic, ranging from philosophy, religion and history to mathematics and physical science. This will become the knowledge hub that every person turns to when they need answers or information.

The new creative commons encyclopedia will be constantly meeting its goal of becoming one of today’s top knowledge based resources. After all, why have people continued turning to Wikipedia even knowing how many errors might be in an entry? It’s because they haven’t had a better alternative until now:

Welcome to the new creative commons encyclopedia, with comprehensive coverage and guaranteed accuracy!