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Assurance Wireless

Virgin Mobile is known for its Assurance Wireless branch, which offers assistance to consumers who want access to free/low-cost government cell phone programs. Assurance Wireless is there to provide clients with hardware and related service plans via the stipulations of Federal Lifeline, which is a subsidy program that was created by the Universal Service Fund.

Virgin Mobile operates this branch of its mobile empire as a charitable initiative, in order to assist low-income families with getting cell phone service that helps them to stay safe and connected, day in and day out. Without these programs, families may miss out on opportunities and/or be unable to reach out to authorities during emergencies.

Eligibility Requirements

Whether low-income families will be eligible for the program will depend on certain criteria, as well as whether or not the program is available in their American state. These days, many American states do provide the service to families in need. The first step to joining the program is showing the Lifeline Program that you meet their guidelines, in terms of income and other relevant factors. Once approval from the Lifeline Program is obtained, it will be time to sign on with Assurance Wireless.

Those who are on particular public assistance programs, such as Medicaid or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), may be eligible to enroll in the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program and the program offered by Assurance Wireless. However, low household income will usually be enough to guarantee acceptance (there will be exceptions). Proof of income will be needed in order to participate in this program.

At this point in time, only one phone per family will be given out. Those who have temporary addresses, such as homeless shelter addresses, will be eligible to receive phones. This program is in place to help those who are struggling, by providing them with crucial communication technology and services. Therefore, rules for the program are meant to be inclusive to all low-income persons from all walks of life.

Assurance Wireless Package Features

This program offers eligible customers access to 250 free voice minutes per month, as well as 250 free text messages/SMS and a free mobile phone. In addition, it’s possible to buy more minutes and texts if they are needed, for very affordable rates. For example, only five dollars will buy an Assurance Wireless customer 250 talk minutes, plus 250 texts. Twenty dollars will purchase 750 extra talk minutes and 750 texts. Thirty dollars per month will access unlimited talk minutes and texts.

In addition, Virgin Mobile makes it possible for Assurance Wireless clients to purchase Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards from thousands of stores nationwide. Those who wish to buy additional minutes may also use their credit cards, debit cards or PayPal cards. Since Virgin Mobile enjoys mass distribution in America and worldwide, they provide convenience to Assurance Wireless customers who need to buy extra minutes in their own communities, or online. By taking on this charitable initiative, Richard Branson and his Virgin team perform an important public service.

The Official Assurance Wireless Website Offers Detailed Information

Those who are prepared to seek out hardware and related service plans through Assurance Wireless should visit the company’s official website, Assurancewireless.com, which offers a range of practical information about program specifics and how to apply. Since Assurance Wireless is run by one of the world’s premier electronic communications company, it provides a high level of customer service to its clientele. Prospective and existing clients may access a variety of program services through the website, and they will also be able to contact service representatives via the company’s Contact Us web page.