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Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an international corporation that produces a range of popular electronic products, including Cisco phone systems. This company has its roots in San Jose, California, and it is publicly traded under the NASDAQ acronym, CSCO. Cisco Systems was founded back in the early 1980s and went public in 2009. Formed by husband and wife team, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, who were both educated at Stanford, Cisco Systems began producing multiple-protocol router software. Thanks to their business acumen and technical savvy, the pair received a 170 million dollar payout when their company went public. Today, Cisco is known as one of the first firms to produce and market dedicated network nodes.

To stay current during the early 1990s, the company purchased other firms that offered access to the most modern telephone system technology. In the late 1990s, the emergence of the World Wide Web and silicon intelligence changed the face of multi-protocol routing once more, and Cisco Systems quickly got on board with the wave of the future. By creating a range of practical, high-tech routers and modem access shelves, Cisco Systems proved their worth in an increasingly digital age.

Since Cisco Systems provided essential hardware and software as the Internet boomed worldwide, the company proved itself to be a true winner. While an assortment of “dot.coms” gained massive value (at least on paper) all over the globe, Cisco’s fortunes also soared. By autumn of 2011, the company was valued at a staggering 94 billion dollars.

Few companies boast the astonishing and consistent growth patterns displayed by Cisco. For this reason, their stock performs very well, and future sales projections remain very strong and positive. In terms of providing value to shareholders, Cisco Systems has a lot to offer to stock market investors.

Cisco Product Lines and Platforms

At present, Cisco products are available for corporate markets, small business markets and home markets. Within the corporate market segment, Cisco offers borderless networks, IP video, Cisco phone systems, call center systems, social networking platforms, and mobile communication solutions.

For small businesses, the company provides routers, switches, security systems, IP cameras, voice conferencing hardware, VOIP phones, and network storage systems. For home users, Cisco Systems offers their well-known line of Linksys products, including access points and switches. In addition, they offer broadband hardware, in the form of cable modems.

Cisco Phone Systems

Phone systems produced by this multinational corporation are designed to assist staff members with communicating in a range of environments, including offices and cars. The high-quality telecommunication devices that Cisco designs and manufactures offer the latest and most-loved features, including voice mail, video, and mobility apps. Systems are carefully balanced to avoid data overload and misrouted calls.

By streamlining office communications, this California-based company allows staff members to enjoy fewer snafus, delays, and other hindrances. Like most large corporations that produce phone systems, Cisco does very high volume and aggressively markets its various telecommunication solutions all over the globe.

Cisco Systems has a long and esteemed history as a leader in its field of industry. While the founders of the company were bought out, and no longer helm the company that they created, the corporation continues to evolve under new management.

Its products, including application networking services, blade switches, data center management devices, interfaces and modules, physical security systems, routers, and service exchanges, continue to fill a pressing need in the marketplace. By diversifying, acquiring complementary companies, and focusing on research and development that leads to technological advances, Cisco Systems continues to create the benchmark for superior electronics hardware and automation.

In the future, it is likely that Cisco Systems will remain a contender in the world of phone systems. Current products, such as Cisco Catalyst Ethernet Blade Switches and Cisco IOS XR software, offer technology solutions that are perfectly suited to the demands of today’s discerning clientele.

Known for producing products that provide premium ROI (return on investment), this company provides high-tech services that offer compatibility with Cloud, IPv6, Medianet, Virtual Experience Infrastructure and Open Network Environment platforms. That’s why so many customers opt to purchase Cisco hardware and software, in order to boost productivity, smooth out technical problems, and grow their businesses.