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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is an Internet browser game that was invented by Jim Bonacci in 2010. This ragdoll, physics-based video game has a variety of characters who utilize unusual vehicles in order to navigate the video game’s various levels and challenges. Known for a high violence level, this popular browser game offers plenty of user-generated content that is created by players worldwide.

Happy Wheels Characters

When players begin to enjoy Happy Wheels, they may choose from a variety of characters. Examples of characters featured in the game include Wheelchair Guy, Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Effective Shopper, Moped Couple, Lawnmower Man, Explorer Guy, Santa Claus, Pogostick Man and Irresponsible Mom.

How the Game Works?

How the game is played will vary based on which characters are used and which levels are traversed. However, the basic premise of the Happy Wheels video game is that players will choose a poorly-prepared racer and then do whatever it takes to win the game by driving across different levels. In the game, a player will face to the right, and vehicles will navigate forwards and backwards. Characters may be thrown out of their vehicles and suffer virtual injuries as a result. For example, they may lose the ability to stand up straight or move around well.

The game’s levels will dictate which goals and challenges must be met. In certain levels, the overarching goal is to make it to a finish line. However, a range of levels in the game don’t have a finish line. In non-finish line levels, players will need to attain other goals, including attempting to destroy a target.

Those who review Happy Wheels often note the high level of graphic violence that is present in the game. Examples of violence featured in Happy Wheels gameplay include heads being cut off, people being shot, or players being trampled down by large obstacles. Limbs may be torn off during game play, and blood loss is graphically displayed.

Players have the option of uploading replays of their level gameplay. These replays may be watched and rated by other Happy Wheels players. This game contains a level editor which permits players to invent customized levels that suit their needs. Typically, players enjoy utilizing the range of tools and objects available for personalizing game levels. Users may submit maps that are then suitable for usage by other players.

About the Development of Happy Wheels

Created by a game development guru known as Jim Bonacci, who did the vast majority of programming and art for the game, Happy Wheels was developed in 2006. Bonacci’s cited other Flash-type games as his inspiration for his own creation. Ragdoll-based physics game within the same genre may have been used as templates during the early development phase. Bonnaci’s goal was to create a game with funny and downright stupid elements. The violence in the game was Bonnaci’s attempt to realistically portray the consequences of vehicular accidents.

Why the Happy Wheels Game is So Popular?

In large part, this game remains a popular choice due to its promotion on the video sharing website, YouTube. Two YouTubers, PewDiePie and Tobascus, frequently create new Happy Wheels videos that garner millions of views and countless comments and ratings. Because these YouTubers entertain other YouTube users with their videos and related commentary, they remain powerful ambassadors for the Happy Wheels brand.

Overall, these YouTubers have 2 billion views for their Happy Wheels videos. These video clips may be seen at the following links, which lead to the specific YouTube profiles of PewDiePie and Tobascus.

Typical videos made by these users feature video footage of the game, along with funny, tongue-in-cheek captions in a cartoonish style. Each clip usually features video footage in the left-hand corner of the screen, which shows the YouTube user who made the video. He does a running commentary which highlights the absurdity and full-throttle action of gameplay. Users describe these Happy Wheels clips as “amazing” and “hilarious”. Typically views for just one clip may exceed 12 million.

Therefore, the power of YouTube promotion is a key factor in the continued success of the Happy Wheels video game. Because players are allowed to enjoy a more interactive experience while playing Happy Wheels and using the video editor tool, they enjoy a different, higher standard of gameplay.