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HostGator is headquartered in Houston, and it’s a web hosting firm that also has offices in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2002 by an entrepreneur named Brent Oxley, who attended Florida Atlantic University while also starting up the firm, HostGator featured two hundred thousand registered domains by 2006. During 2008, the company was ranked at #21 in America and #1 in Houston and other areas of Texas State. This company has experienced rapid growth since its inception. During 2008, HostGator made the choice to offer a new hosting service, called green hosting, through an affiliation with Integrated Ecosystem Market Services.

During 2011, the company created an operations base in India, as the firm began to provide support services and a data center to its customers and staff. The India headquarters may be found in Nashik, Maharashtra.

According to 2012 figures, HostGator has over 8 million domains under its registration. This pivotal year also saw the sale of the company to Endurance International Group. However, the new deal allowed HostGator to own the buildings used for housing staff and taking care of business. Therefore, most employees were able to stay on and adapt to new ownership. Oxley was candid about the challenges that he had faced while at the helm of HostGator, such as billing system snafus and registrar portion issues. Oxley felt that new management might have the skills and savvy to correct these nagging issues and improve the company.

HostGator Gets Attacked By Hackers

UGNazi attacked HostGator during spring of 2012. HostGator’s web server was affected due to this “social engineering attack”. By posing as a hosting provider, a member of the hacker group gained root user privileges that were abused in order to gain illegal entry into HostGator’s system. This attack resulted in the leaking of illegal information, such as the personal credit card information of HostGator’s clientele. Since the attack, security has been beefed up.

Leading Provider of Web Hosting Services

Currently, the company is a world-class provider of shared, re-seller, VPS and dedicated web hosting services. At this stage, the company has over twelve thousand servers under its administration. At the company’s inception, it had only a trio of servers. Worldwide, HostGator handles web hosting for one percent of the globe’s Internet traffic.

Because the company provides 400,000 clients with cutting-edge products and services that help them to run their online businesses, HostGator is a solid choice for start-up entrepreneurs or seasoned businesspeople that operate companies via the World Wide Web. Two hundred nations are served by the company.

Web designers and developers frequently obtain services via HostGator, due to the prevalence of re-seller hosting among these professionals. However, many different types of customers access the company’s various web hosting services.

During 2008, HostGator received accolades from Inc. Magazine. It was listed as one of the fastest-growing firm in the United States of America. Now, HostGator is classified as the 21st fastest-growing firm in the country and the fastest-growing company in the State of Texas.

A survey conducted by the company in 2008 proved that the vast majority of customers are more than pleased with the level of service that they receive via the firm. 90 percent of those surveyed reporting high levels of customer satisfaction, with regard to HostGator’s products and services, as well as their customer support and technical support. This high level of satisfaction is cited as one of the primary reasons why the company continues to grow at a very fast pace.

HostGator’s headquarters in Houston, Texas feature 20,000 square feet of space. The company has hired a couple of hundred new employees in order to meet increasing demand for HostGator products and services. Over the next 24 months, the company plans to add two hundred more staff members to their ranks.

Current president and Chief Executive Officer, Adam Farrar, works alongside a team of web hosting and technology experts who work to support the company’s growth, while also providing existing clientele with the highest standards of service. Since the company was purchased, Oxley’s hope that growth would be sustained and that the company would iron out certain problems has clearly been realized. The company displays rare potential and it plays an important role in the Internet business arena.