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The iPhone is a type of smart phone that is produced by Apple Incorporated. This smart phone utilizes Apple’s IOS operation system for mobile devices. iPhone smart phones made their debut in 2007, and, to date, there have been six generations of iPhones, the most recent model being the iPhone 5, which was released in September of 2012.

The smart phone’s interface is centered on usage of a touch screen that comes with a virtual keyboard. Every iPhone comes with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.


While iPhones are quite expensive (for example, iPhone 5 designs retail for $799 at the Apple Store), the components in the phone are not as expensive as users might imagine. The most costly component in an iPhone costs only $28.50. However, users are willing to pay for Apple iPhone technology, because the iPhone is considered the gold standard for smart phones. Total cost of producing an iPhone is estimated to be about 200 dollars. This price doesn’t take into account the research and development phase, patents, and marketing that were needed to bring iPhones into people’s lives.

To date, a quarter of a billion iPhone smart phones have been purchased. Most of the minerals used in the production of iPhones are found in China. Two hundred patents were needed to create this piece of Apple technology. Apple works with 156 suppliers across the globe, in order to produce components for their smart phone designs.

The massive popularity of the iPhone is a glowing testimonial of the addictive powers of the device. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to stay in the loop when you take your iPhone along with you.


New generations of iPhones have a dizzying array of features. Owners of these iPhones may take photographs, enjoy digital music, take care of email correspondence, surf the Internet, text others, make videos, and enjoy visual voice mail services. In addition, the latest smart phones may be used to support video games, global positioning satellite systems, social networking platforms and applications.

Apple Incorporated runs its own App Store. Unless an iPhone is “unlocked” or “jail broken” (this is against Apple’s terms of service), iPhone users won’t be able to access any unauthorized, third-party applications. However, the App Store currently features over three-quarters of a million authorized applications, which are designed to add functionality and entertainment to the iPhone user experience.

The launch of new iPhone models comes with plenty of media fanfare. As millions of users worldwide are addicted to the pleasures of using iPhones, new product iterations are greatly desired and anticipated. Over the years, new smart phone models of this type have come with upgrades that make them more functional and multipurpose. Examples include 3G cellular network capabilities, which were added to the iPhone 3G.

Faster processors, better screen displays (with higher resolution) and improved video camera technology has made the most modern iPhones highly-coveted electronic toys that provide a very interactive experience to users.


To add even more practicality, functionality and fun to their smart phones, Apple Incorporated creates a range of iPhone accessories that are available through their own Web boutique or Apple retail outlets. Examples of iPhone accessories include cases, cords, chargers, skins, remote controls, speakers, headphones, light bulbs (for controlling iPhone lighting) and software apps that track fitness, weight and so on.

Prices for accessories vary. Some may cost less than thirty dollars, while others will cost hundreds of dollars. While it is not necessary to choose these accessories for an iPhone, they do increase the usefulness of iPhone devices. Some accessories are designed to protect the iPhone, while others are designed to make the entire user experience more impressive and enjoyable.

Whether you’re working via your phone, having fun staying in touch with friends and family, gaming, or using your iPhone to make creative videos and photos, you’ll find that the iPhone has all of the capabilities that you need. You’ll need to purchase a service contract when you select an iPhone.