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Instagram is a picture-sharing service that also has social networking elements. Those who use Instagram are able to take pictures, tweak them with digital filters, and then post them on a range of other social networking platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, One defining feature of Instagram it that creates pictures that have a square shape (which recalls the vintage design of Instamatic and Polaroid pictures). This means that photos processed through Instagram look different from typical pictures taken by mobile device cameras.

History of Instagram

The brainchild of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram was founded in fall of 2010. This new photo-sharing platform quickly gained traction online, and it’s now known as one of the most popular photo-sharing platforms in the world. Instagram may be accessed via the Apple App Store or through Google Play. At this time, the service boasts 100 million registered users. Initially, support was only accessible by those who owned iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. However, in spring of 2012, Android smart phone owners were also able to enjoy the service, as long as their smart phone cameras featured 2.2 Frovo.

In April of 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping one billion dollars. This occurred right before Facebook went public, and the deal ate up a great deal of Facebook’s existing capital. Facebook paid much more for Instagram than Yahoo paid for a comparable photo-sharing service, Flickr.

Exciting Personalization Features

If you prefer to turn your camera phone photos into something more personal and special, you’ll enjoy the way that Instagram allows you to customize your pictures with filters. These filters are designed to change every image into a lasting memory that may be enjoyed for years. The overarching goal of Instagram is to connect people all over the globe via photographs.

Those who wish to access the Instagram app don’t need to pay for the privilege of using the service. Currently, it is available free of charge via the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.


The name, Instagram, is a blend of the word telegram and the old camera name, Instamatic. The service blends old-fashioned photo effects and shapes with the speed and pace of digital communication. Created by photo buffs, the system is meant to solve the problem of mediocre camera phone photographs.

Because the filters offered in Instagram are very sophisticated, they may dramatically improve the appearance of camera phone photos. Anyone who wants to enjoy more professional-looking photographs will appreciate Instagram. In addition, because it’s possible to share photos through multiple services, Instagram is a time-saving application that makes sharing photos instantly very simple.

Another benefit of Instagram is the fast upload times. Those who are weary of waiting for photo uploads at typical photo-sharing platforms will find that Instagram offers much faster uploads, for a less frustrating user experience.

Photos processed via Instagram may be shared through Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Location information may also be added, if desired. As well, it’s possible to follow other, “public” instagram users through their photographs, and to be followed in return. Therefore, Instagram provides a high level of ease and convenience to users. By allowing them to tweak photos and then share them across many different platforms at one, the creators of Instagram have filled a need.


While it is possible to be a private Instagram user, most people who access the service do enjoy a more public photo-sharing experience that allows them to connect with others as they share their pictures online. Currently, celebrities use Instagram to promote their work and to entertain their fans. One example of a popular musician who uses Instagram extensively is singer Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, who posts Instagram photos to his Twitter feed on a daily basis.

When an Instagram account is set to private, it means that only people who follow you may be able to see your photographs. You have the option of accepting followers. Photographs that are processed via instagram are saved by the service. You may print them by syncing your Instagram “camera roll” with your computer.