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LED Signs

LED signs are a type of signage that is made with LEDs (light-emitting diodes). These types of signs may be used in a range of practical applications. However, most commonly, they are utilized in order to promote products, services, and the companies which offer them.

In certain instances, such as for usage in the aviation, traffic or construction industries, LED signs are used in order to assist with safety.

Understanding LED Technology

Every LED sign requires LED lights. These types of light sources are considered to be semiconductor light sources. Initially, these forms of lights were used as indicators in a range of devices. These days, they are popular choices for lighting which will suit a variety of environments.

Created during the early 1960s, the first examples of LED lights gave off reddish light that wasn’t of particularly high intensity. Nowadays, modern examples of LEDs are available, in visible, ultraviolet and infrared versions.

These newfangled LED lights are much brighter than the first lights of this type, which makes them versatile choices for an assortment of applications, including home, commercial and industrial lighting.

LED lights are generally of very small surface area. Sometimes, they are less than one millimeter in diameter. When this type of light is turned on, electrons will gather within holes inside of the device, offering a form of energy called photons. This creates electroluminescence. Which hue the LED light will actually have will depend on the energy band gap of the light’s semi- conductor.

Benefits of LED Signs

LED signs have specific advantages. For example, since LED lighting is much more energy-efficient than incandescent or other forms of lighting, it’s a planet-friendly, responsible choice, as well as costing less to run.

In addition, LED lights typically require very little maintenance, and they don’t get dangerously hot, like some other forms of lighting. Therefore, they do provide impressive benefits, and that’s why they’ve become an increasingly-popular choice.

Another key advantage of LED lights is the way that they may be combined in order to create almost any shape. This sort of design flexibility is a real plus. In addition, these lights/signs will be surprisingly rugged, even for outdoor usage.

Since LEDs are able to work well when temperatures are very high or very low, they will perform beautifully, even when conditions are relatively harsh. LED bulbs used in these signs will last over ten years, so they are highly-practical selections.

Is LED Lighting Expensive?

Since it has so many benefits, this type of lighting may be considered a great long-term investment. After all, it lasts and it is extremely durable in a variety of environments and conditions.

According to the official General Electric website, a small LED sign will usually cost at least $1300.00. Prices will increase based on how many LED lights are used, as well as the degree of customization and personalization that the sign requires. Clearly, very large signs will cost thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, LED lighting is somewhat expensive when compared to other signage. However, it stands out, it lasts, and it’s able to withstand harsh weather. Whether this type of lighting is affordable will really depend on how much a prospective customer has to spend on custom lighting.

If quality is more important than price, this safe and dependable form of lighting may be well worth the initial investment. Prices for large signs may be very high, making them prohibitively expensive to those with smaller budgets. Corporations and larger businesses may have the sort of lighting budgets which are required in order to pay for more elaborate LED signs.