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A motorhome is a sort of self-propelled vehicle which is primarily used for recreation. Also known as a RV, this form of vehicle is equipped with living accommodations, along with a large vehicle engine. The term, motorhome, is used most often in certain countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

A motorhome will typically have sleeping accommodations for 2 to 8 people. Each sleeping place is known as a berth. Every berth will be a static part of the motorhome, or convert into a bed from other parts of the motorhome’s inner space.

Other Features of Typical Motorhomes

Motorhomes will generally feature kitchenettes which offer a range of equipment, such as ovens, grills, hobs and sinks. Super-deluxe motorhomes may come with microwaves. Usually, a washroom will also be found in a motorhome. This room will have a flushing cassette toilet which swivels in order to offer extra space, and it may be accessed from outside the motorhome in order to facilitate the emptying of waste containers. Motorhomes which have been manufactured recently may also have shower stalls.

A motorhome will also have a cab area with a driver and passenger seat. These seats often swivel 180 degrees in order to become part of the main living space. A small dining area will also be found in typical RVs. This area will feature a table and seats that are used for enjoying meals and snacks. Depending on how much square footage is available, a lounge area may also be present in a typical motorhome. U-shaped sofas are a common sight in modern motorhomes.

History of the Motorhome

Motorhomes originated in the 1920s. These primitive examples of today’s recreational vehicles typically consisted of motorhome bodies which were mounted onto the chassis’ of cars. One important company which manufactured motorhomes during this time period was the Jennings Company. However, production of these recreational vehicles basically ground to a halt by 1939. During the 1950s, motorhomes experienced a renaissance, as more and more men and women sought out these recreational vehicles.

During the early decades of motorhome production, examples of popular motorhome styles included Dormobiles, Paralanians and Westfalias.

Motorhome Categories

A variety of motorhome categories exist, including alcove motorhomes, which are also referred to as, “coach-built” motorhomes, or C-class motorhomes. These types of motorhomes usually have a caravan-type body, which features a double-berth on top of the driving cab. Another type of motorhome is a semi-integrated motorhome, which is also known as a low-profile or B-class motorhome. Semi-integrated vehicles of this type do not have berths over the cab area. Instead, they have a fixed double bed at the back of the RV. Finally, integrated motorhomes are available. Also known as A-class motorhomes, these vehicles are the most deluxe models available. Typically, an integrated motorhome will feature a solid body and a driving space that is built into the living space. Rest areas, such as lounges and berths, are generally convertible.

Motorhome Accessories are Available

Some motorhome owners choose to outfit their recreational vehicles with accessories that improve functionality. Examples of motorhome accessories include security cameras, furniture, bedding, LED lighting, solar panels and miscellaneous housewares. Motorhome accessories may be sold online or off line, and they may be produced by the same manufacturers that make motorhomes (although this is not always the case).

Usually, a motorhome will require some accessories in order to function effectively. However, a more deluxe model of motorhome may not require much to be comfortable and road-ready. However, motorhome owners do enjoy adding personalization and security features to their recreational vehicles, via motorhome accessories. Prices for these accessories vary widely, depending on what product is preferred and what level of quality that product has.

Motorhome Owners Often Meet Up On and Offline

Motorhome owners have always met up at campgrounds and other outdoor spaces. These days, these recreational vehicle owners also liaise via the World Wide Web. Many message boards devoted to UK motorhomes and the motorhome lifestyle are found online, and several of these message boards are very active. Those who wish to learn more about the motorhome lifestyle, as well as choosing a motorhome, maintaining a motorhome and motorhome accessories, will find these online resources to be very valuable.