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Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless is a no-cost cell phone service, which provides a select amount of voice minutes every month to families who are in need. These low-income families are issued one Safelink Wireless program per family unit. Created by the Universal Service Fund, this unique and innovative service is not operational in all American states. The program provides customers with access to Lifeline and LinkUp services, which are sponsored by the American government.

Applications for service are handled via the Web, by fax, or by snail mail. Those who apply for Safelink services must take what they are given in terms of handsets. In other words, they are not allowed to choose which hardware products they will receive. It’s possible to buy extra minutes if so desired. As of May 2011, Safelink Wireless featured close to four million subscribers, making it the premier Lifeline cell phone company in America.

Specific Safelink Wireless Plans

Currently, Safelink Wireless offers a trio of service plans, one of which may be selected by each customer. The first is a 68-minute service plan, the second is a 125 minute plan and the third is a 250 minute plan. The first two plans have different features than the third. When customers choose 68 minute or 125 minute plans, they will be able to carry over unused minutes into the next calendar month. When they choose the 250 minute plan, they can’t carry over unused minutes. The 250 minute plan allows users to send up to 1000 texts per month.

Safelink Wireless Offers an Array of Services

Most customers choose to apply for Safelink Wireless services via the official Safelink Wireless.com website. This online portal features an assortment of services, such as support services, which allow users to update account information, reprint/submit applications, submit documentation and get technical service/support via the website. In addition, it’s possible to get a Visa prepaid card or to buy/add more minutes via Safelinkwireless.com. These features make it simple to adjust plans on an as-needed basis.

There is also a refer-a-friend program in place, which allows existing Safelink Wireless clients to benefit from referring acquaintances, friends and loves one to the program. By using the program, customers will access perks in exchange for their referrals, such as 100 bonus minutes per successful referral. Those who sign up based on a referral will also access 30 minutes free.

Designed to help those in need to access more affordable cell phone service and texting service, Safelink Wireless falls under the category of public benefits. Since the application process is simple and straightforward, millions of families do make the choice to obtain cell phones and related service plans via Safelink.

Because terms and conditions are in place in order to ensure that only low-income families may use the service, some people will not fit the criteria for approval. However, those who do meet such criteria will be able to enjoy significant cash savings when it comes to paying for cell phone minutes and texting features.

Since the program offers versatility and flexibility, it is a practical choice for growing families. If the need for minutes increases, it will be possible to buy/add more minutes via the website. Services may also be cancelled via this convenient online portal.

Because the official website offers one-stop shopping for government-funded cell phone plans and hardware, it is a popular choice with low-income families. While every state doesn’t feature access to the plan, it is possible for those in certain states to get approval quickly, after filling out the online application form. Documentation that supports income levels and other relevant rules will need to be supplied in order to gain approval to the Safelink Wireless program.