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Strength Training

Strength training is a sort of exercise regimen that utilizes the principle of resistance in order to build muscle tone. By practicing strength training regularly, men and women access superior strength, as well as anaerobic endurance and larger, more defined muscles. However, this form of training must be performed with correct form in order to give optimum results.

Health Benefits

Health benefits derived from strength training include the development of stronger bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. In addition, joint function may be improved, thereby decreasing the risk of injuries during exertion. As well, the metabolism may speed up due to regular strength training, which may result in the loss of excess, unwanted pounds. The heart also benefits from this form of exercise, which is proven to boost cardiovascular fitness.

Training includes the progressive increase of force output of muscles, through resistance that is achieved by using heavier weights. There are also specific exercises that may be used to achieve resistance, with or without weights. Certain aspects of strength training are typically anaerobic. However, there are some exercises routines, such as circuit training, that offer aerobic benefits.

Examples of Strength Training Exercises

There are multiple forms of strength training exercise, including the most well-known example of strength training, which is bodybuilding. Other examples include power lifting, Highland games, shot put, discus throwing and javelin throwing. Many team sports activities, such as football, wrestling, rugby, track and field, rowing, Lacrosse, basketball and hockey also build strength while they are being performed.

History of Strength Training

One of the inventors of strength training, Arthur Saxon, created an exercise known as the Two Hand Anyhow, which involved the usage of a kettle bell and a plate-loaded barbell. While the history of strength training tends to have marked similarities with the history of weight lifting, different accessories are often used to get strength training results. Today, the kettle bell is a key component in modern forms of strength training, such as Cross Fit programs. Cross Fit also has a strong cardiovascular component.

Hippocrates was probably the first to explain the principles of strength training in writing. He defined this form of exercise as one where “that which is used develops, and that which is not used wastes away”. Ancient Greeks used progressive resistance training in order to excel in wrestling competitions. Ancient Persians were also known to employ resistance techniques in order to develop their bodies. The most ancient accessories used in strength training included barbells that were made from hollow spheres filled with sand or lead shot.

Charles Atlas, the famous body builder, brought strength training into the modern age, by using barbells to develop his enviable, awe-inspiring physique.

When strength training is performed with proper form, with sufficient intensity, it has the power to active fatty acids in the human body. These fatty acids move into the blood stream and ameliorate insulin resistance. Therefore, those who wish to lose weight will benefit from strength training that is regular in nature.

Because muscle weighs more than fat, those who use strength training to stay fit may lose fat, without seeing dramatic changes when they step on their bathroom scales. However, muscle is healthier than unwanted pounds. The body will look better when strength training is employed, as lean muscle will accumulate, and the metabolism will work more efficiently, thanks to optimized insulin levels that raise the body’s resting metabolic rate.

Because certain fat storage, such as fat around the midsection, is related to higher incidences of certain health problems, such as heart problems, utilizing strength training is a great way to minimize the risk of long-term health issues that may be quite serious. By improving insulin resistance and raising the metabolic rate, those who use strength training may streamline their midsections and decrease their susceptibility to certain health problems associated with belly fat, love handles, and other unwanted fat deposits.

Strength training with heavy weights should be performed with a partner, in order to ensure that a person stays safe. While people do work out with weights when they are alone, it’s always better to have a friend or exercise buddy standing by. That’s why many people choose to do their strength training at gyms and other fitness facilities.