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Traffic School

Traffic school is a term that describes an educational facility which offers remedial courses which are related to road and traffic safety, as well as safe driving techniques. In some areas of the USA, traffic school must be attended by certain moving violation offenders. Those who have moving violations may sometimes avoid court (and criminal records) by attending these schools, as part of a pre-diversion program. In addition, driving infractions may be wiped from driving records after successful completion of traffic school coursework.

While most people who are forced to attend these schools don’t really appreciate having to go, certain traffic school staffs do “go the extra mile” in order to make the experience more bearable for their students, by adding humor and lightheartedness to their presentations and coursework. However, in general, traffic school is not a place of levity.

Benefits of Attending Traffic School

Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding a trial and/or criminal record, attending traffic school may provide additional benefits. For example, in some cases, going to one of the schools may allow the student to enjoy lower auto insurance premiums. Lower premiums happen because a driving record improves after attendance at traffic school (infractions are wiped from the record). Premiums charged by auto insurance companies are strongly linked with driving records. The worse a driving record is, the more the driver will pay to carry insurance on his or her car.


In order to curb abuses of the traffic school system, there are restrictions in place with regard to how often drivers may attend. In others words, if someone gets a lot of moving violations and then uses traffic school in order to clean up his or her record, they may lose the right to attend, at least for a defined period of time. Typically, some months will need to elapse before a driver may re-attend traffic school. This is designed to keep the system fair and proactive.

Coursework Topics

Typical topics which are covered in traffic school include traffic ticket dismissal, defensive driving, driving safety, point reduction, driver improvement, insurance discount and aggressive driving. Courses will be tailored to the particular moving violation in question.


After attendance at traffic school, it may be possible to have a traffic ticket dismissed, or to remove points from a driving record. In addition, it will be possible to ascertain the driving safety methods of the state where the class is being held. Another objective of traffic school is to foster driver improvement, and/or to access insurance discounts.

These days, distance learning may be an option. While online education will lack the personal touch of a live instructor, it’s quite convenient. Students who utilize distance education for traffic school may be able to access lectures online, as well as multimedia learning materials. They will liaise with traffic school staff via phone or online chat interfaces/email. Final examinations will be held online. Certain states don’t offer exams – Texas and New York are examples.

Other forms of traffic school include traditional, classroom-based learning, as well as learning modules which are accessible via CD-ROMs/DVDs. Therefore, there are a range of options which are designed to fit a variety of lifestyles. Students may not have all of these choices in some states. However, distance learning, in particular, is becoming a popular choice, due to increased usage of the Internet.

Venues for traffic school may be independent businesses which are accredited by governing bodies. These types of schools may also be attended by those who do not have moving violations, in order to refine driving skills and knowledge of driver safety rules. These types of schools have particular value for those who are trying to break bad driving habits or learn driving for the first time.