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Twitter is a communication service that is also defined as a social networking platform. While using Twitter, account holders exchange short messages which are 140 characters in length or shorter. These messages may be viewed on home computers or on a range of mobile communication devices.

Twitter Registration Facts

All that is required in order to open up a Twitter account is an email address. Those who want to sign on for the service may do so via Twitter’s official home page. Upon registration, new users will select online “handles” which may or may not represent their real names. These handles are used as Twitter names. For example, a novelist might choose the name, scifinovelist. This Twitter name will appear as @scifinovelist on the site. The @ symbol is placed before all Twitter names.

Twitter Features

While using Twitter, accountholders may access a wide assortment of features which boost the interactivity of this communication service. For example, links may be added to tweets. These links are often shortened, so that they take up fewer characters. One popular service for shortening links is Tinyurl.com, which is not affiliated with Twitter.

In addition, pictures may be added to Tweets, via photo-sharing services, such as Twitpic and Instagram.

For online entrepreneurs or those who wish to share music videos, photographs and links to other web pages with friends or strangers, Twitter offers a breadth of features which assist users in creating richer, more dimensional tweets.

One another feature that is available to Twitter users to Twitlonger. This application permits users to post much longer tweets if they like. Longer tweets will appear in abbreviated form on Twitter – then, readers may click on Twitlonger links in order to access the complete messages.

History of Twitter

Twitter’s inception happened in March of 2006, when Jack Dorsey launched the service. In short order, Twitter gained significant traction and grew to have half a billion registered users. Each day, 340 million tweets are generated (along with 1.6 billion search queries).

These days, Twitter is on the list of top ten websites that are most visited (on the entire Internet). Plenty of apps and features support the site, such as Justunfollow.com, which allows users to see who have “unfollowed” (and fanned) their Twitter accounts.

Twitter has its headquarters in San Francisco, as well as additional servers and offices in the Big Apple, Boston and San Antonio.

Twitter Was Created via Open Source Software

Twitter was created via open source software, from back-end to front-end. Twitter’s team members are dedicated to supporting the open source software community, by creating and contributing to a range of programs. Twitter’s latest software projects may be viewed through the company’s official organization page on GitHub.

Open source software produced by the Twitter team is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Celebrities are Present on Twitter

Because celebrities use the service in order to tweet about their life experiences in real-time, many users enjoy following their tweets. Examples of celebrities who are very popular on Twitter include Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, American President Barack Obama and Bill Maher.

Even everyday people may gain power and influence by drawing large numbers of Twitter followers. Because those with large numbers of followers are a conduit to consumers, companies may seek them out, giving them money for tweeting about various goods and services.

In fact, certain celebrities, such as reality TV star Kim Kardashian, often use this method In order to augment their already-significant endorsement incomes. In a nutshell, having a large Twitter following brings cachet and it may be lucrative as well. That’s why social media mavens who use Twitter in order to build their personal brands dedicate plenty of time and energy to using the service to its best possible advantage.

Twitter Search Gets Plenty of Usage

The Twitter interface includes a convenient Twitter Search service, which allows users to punch in topics or usernames and then see all related tweets. In addition, the service utilizes hashtags, which are represented by the symbol, #. Hashtags allow users to search by keyword and symbol, in order to find relevant tweets that are specifically related to a trending topic or other topic of interest.

By supplying users with a range of features, as well as access to the latest news and opinions, Twitter fills a need in the social media milieu.