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Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the 39th largest city in the United States and the most populous city in Virginia with a population of 448,567 (2012). Eight U.S presidents were born in Virginia therefore Virginia State is considered as a Mother of Presidents. In 1906 Virginia Beach was formed as a town then it’s converted into city in 1952. Virginia Beach is not a part of any state and it’s an independent city.

It’s located in the Hampton roads with Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on the north and Atlantic Ocean on the east. The Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel is the longest bridge tunnel in the world. This bridge also links the city with Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Virginia Beach area is considered as America’s 1st Region because its history goes back to Native Americans who spent 1000s of years here before the English colonists arrived in 1607. In 19th century Virginia Beach became popular as a “RESORT CITY”. It’s also considered as a hub of historic sites. Now each year more than 3Million tourists visit Virginia Beach. Miles of beaches and hundreds of restaurants, motels and hotels force tourists to come back to this place again and again. Due to the longest beach in the world, Virginia Beach has secured it place in Guinness Book of World Records. Virginia Beach’s life is universal. It’s the major attraction for visitors searching for an adventurous place.

Apart from hotels and beaches Virginia Beach also has 4 military bases, 2 Universities and number of large firms. Military basis have a terrific impact on the economy of the region. As there are 4 military bases in Virginia Beach so due to Iraq war the economy was collapsed badly.

The area is free of climatic extremes and experience four different seasons in a year. The average temperature is 56.5° F and the annual Avg snowfall in Virginia Beach is recorded at 9.1 inches.

Major Industries and Commercial Activity

Virginia Beach citizens earn most of their income from Hotels, motels, repair shop, Tourism and other personal services. Tourism is considered as the most valuable service industry in the community. Many Virginia Beach’s citizens are employed in Military basis too. All basic means of transportation are available in the shape of several highways, International Airport and 2 railways.


Countless international corporations have established their headquarters in this region. Open land for industrial development is the reason why businesses are showing their interest in this area. The business opportunities are increasing and making a lot of room for young entrepreneurs. 1/3rd of Virginia Beach’s work force is associated with retail and wholesale business. Manufacturers have an easy access to national and international markets due to integrated system of air, highway and railway services. Availability of different transportation means decrease the distribution cost which ultimately leads to more profit. The suitable climate, economic stability and low taxes are the reasons why international firms have shifted their headquarters to Virginia Beach.

Through an innovative program Virginia Beach has offered many benefits for the employees of newly established businesses. The tax rates are very competitive because the Virginia’s assembly has eliminated many taxes from its community.
Due to excessive trade Virginia Beach is now one of the most rapid developing cities in the United States.

Major Events

The major events in Virginia Beach are Neptune Wine Festival, Tough Mudder, Holiday Parade, JT Walk and McDonald’s holiday lights.


The 38.45 percent population of the Virginia Beach is religious. 12.1 percent are Catholic, 7.50 percent are Christian, 1.08 percent belongs to eastern faith and 0.85 percent of the population is with Islam.